Eldorado – Verse 1 (Page 1 & 2)

Here is the first illustration for the first verse of Edgar Allen Poe’s Eldorado.

Gaily bedight,
  A gallant knight,
In sunshine and in shadow,
  Had journeyed long,
  Singing a song,
In search of Eldorado.

Dad was asking what ‘bedight’ meant… so for those of you in the same boat. 

Bedight: Archaic for adorned or bedecked

Eldorado - Verse One

Eldorado – Verse One (Dec 2012)
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Here is a detailed view of page one.

Eldorado - Page 1 - Detail

Eldorado – Page 1 – Detail (Dec 2012)

Check out the whole poem:

-jesse norman bergstrom

Eldorado – Cover Page

I have been working on illustrating Edgar Allen Poe’s poem Eldorado in the form of a children’s book.

I have got it pretty much done.  Just finishing some final detail work.

But, here is the cover page to get us started.  I will try to post one verse (2 page picture) each week for the next few weeks.

Let me know what you think.  Be sure to click on the image for a full size view.

Eldorado - Cover Page

Eldorado – Cover Page (Dec 2012)


Check out the whole poem:

-jesse norman bergstrom

Split Rock Troll

When Jamie and I visited Split Rock Lighthouse on our way to the Boundary Waters we found this Troll in a rock on the walk down to Lake Superior.

I thought he deserved to picture to be drawn… here he is in basic ink.

I think I might try some coloring too, but we will see what I can do later.

Jamie thinks he should be my entry for the Carver County Fair this year.  What do you think?

Split Rock Troll (ink) – July 2012

Lines in the Desert (Traveller Postcard)

Here is another postcard from Elsie to Gramps (in our Traveller game).

You can read the first one here and the last one here.


Explore Wardn – July 2012



Here is a picture of the lines in the desert I was talking about in last postcard.  They are pretty cool!  No one knows what they are, but I think Harry is going to figure it out!

He is sooooo smart!  He is super-cute when studying hard too.

We have met up with a few other people.  They are all seem nice and helpful.  Except George (or Lt. Jetson) he is a real square.  Maybe he will loosen up by the next time I write?

Love you old man…

Miss ya too,

Your little Elsie


Immortal Guardian

Well, I finished this piece up for a contest at ImagineFX while celebrating my 10th Anniversary with Jamie at a cabin in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness (BWCAW).

Attached is my entry, but you should check out the whole thread there were a ton of great pieces there.

Immortal Forum thread

This piece was done in a style similar to many traditional Japanese paintings.  I have been digging on the Japanese style since a visit with Jamie to the Minneapolis Institute of Art a few months ago.  Thought I would try one…

Enjoy, and I will post a couple of my other sketches from the BWCAW stay as well… we have a sleeping troll and hidden dragon both coming!

Immortal Guardian – June 2012

Cliff’s Home Security

I drew this one on the flight back from a weekend at Cliff’s house in KC.

I spent the weekend putting in 13 outlets, 3 switches, 1 fan switch, 1 thermostat, 1 baseboard heater and wiring up one junction box.

And then on the flight home I could think of nothing but robots? Who knew…

Well I think since Cliff isn’t at home in KC anymore he could use one of these to keep the house safe.

AIM Home Security - June 2012

Hezekiah’s Kitty

I drew this on our way home from Duluth over Memorial Day vacation.

We were stuck in traffic, Hezekiah was sitting next to me NOT sleeping and the other two boys decided that they both needed to use the facilities in the middle of a 14 mile stretch of construction that was at a dead stop!

This is actually a picture of one of Hezekiah’s stuffed kitties he got for his birthday.

Hezekiah enjoyed the picture… if nothing else.

Hezekiah's Kitty - May 2012