Postcard from Mithril

Dean, Mitch and I started playing a science fiction role playing game called Traveler.

In the game my character (Elsie Marley) is kind of a young bubbly adventure off to see the universe.

I thought she should send postcards from her adventures to her Grandpa back at home.

Here is her first…


Here is what she wrote to Grandpa on the back:


Having a great time seeing the stars. Met Harry (guy in picture) on my first flight.  He reminds me of you, super book smart but then forgets to eat!

We decided to go on an adventure and ended up on Mithril, a frozen dirt ball in the middle of nowhere!

Hope all the subs are still working on the farm.  On our way around Mithril we ran into a squiddy that was bigger than any back home! It about got us : (

Miss y’all,
Elsie Marley


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