Doodle Books 1 (Seals, Farms and Hedgehogs)

I have been filling these doodle books with marker doodles for a couple years. They are pretty fun and I thought I would share.
I am working backwards on one I finished. Here are the first five pictures.

Hezekiah asked me to draw a seal… This is what happens.

Hez's Seal - Apr 2015

Hez’s Seal – Apr 2015

I am pretty sure Abram asked for Pig!

Pig Farm - 2014

Pig Farm – 2014

Having fun at swimming lessons…

Swim Lessons - Mar 2015

Swim Lessons – Mar 2015

Riding in the car on the way home from Iowa.

Barn - Mar 2015

Barn – Mar 2015

The boys asked for a giant hedgehog attacking a castle.  What more could you ask for.

Giant Hedgehog on the Attack - Mar 2015

Giant Hedgehog on the Attack – Mar 2015


– jesse norman bergstrom

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