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Doodler’s Anonymous is doing another coloring book!

So, as my wife, my 3 boys and my brother-in-law all went to visit my brother’s (who is deployed to Afghanistan) wife and their 2 kids.

I asked each of them what they would most like to color and here is what I got…

Hezekiah (3yrs) – A baby (carriage)
Matthias (7yrs) – A tank
Jason (32yrs) – A giraffe
Abram (5yrs) – Fighter jets
Jamie (32yrs) – Rainbow
Jody (37yrs) – Fairies
Samantha (8yrs) – Monkey
Morgan (10yrs)- Cobra

I added for my own pleasure : A castle, Mount Fuji, the Sun, a bird with nest and a picnic on a hill.


Color Me Please! - Oct 2013

Color Me Please! – Oct 2013 (Click for BIG version)




– jesse norman bergstrom

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