Lines in the Desert (Traveller Postcard)

Here is another postcard from Elsie to Gramps (in our Traveller game).

You can read the first one here and the last one here.


Explore Wardn – July 2012



Here is a picture of the lines in the desert I was talking about in last postcard.  They are pretty cool!  No one knows what they are, but I think Harry is going to figure it out!

He is sooooo smart!  He is super-cute when studying hard too.

We have met up with a few other people.  They are all seem nice and helpful.  Except George (or Lt. Jetson) he is a real square.  Maybe he will loosen up by the next time I write?

Love you old man…

Miss ya too,

Your little Elsie


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  1. The Gotha Land Baron says:

    Love it!

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